Sun Protective Clothing & Accessories
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Skin Cancer Survivor Turned Designer

Her own experience with skin cancer inspired Beverly Barad to design her collection. With her melanoma diagnosed early and eradicated, she remained determined to exercise care when exposed to the sun. But finding sun protective clothing that was fashionable, comfortable and affordable proved difficult. That’s when she set about designing her own line of stylish and versatile clothes to meet those needs.

“My way of dealing with cancer,” Beverly said, “is through fashion, creating beautiful clothes, manufacturing them in the United States and, whenever possible, using family-owned businesses. This gives meaning to my cancer experience.”

In addition to her passion for helping others protect themselves from the damaging rays of the sun, she devotes much of her time to Horse Tales Rescue, her nonprofit organization. Horse Tales Rescue provides help for horses who have run out of hope. She is pictured here with one of their latest rescues, Pepper.

Trained as an intensive care nurse, Beverly resides in Sacramento, California. She is the wife of a successful orthopedic surgeon and the mother of three grown sons.


What Exactly Does Sun Protective Clothing Do?

Sun-protective clothing is any garment that can provide adequate protection from the sun. Generally speaking, clothing must have a UPF value of 15 to 50+ (blocks 93 – 98% of UV radiation), and cover or shade sufficient skin to protect a person from the damaging rays of the sun.